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Defendants Verdict for Bi-State Development Agency

PS Partner: Don O’Keefe

We represented: Bi-State Development Agency, d/b/a Metro

Venue: St. Louis City Circuit Court


Plaintiff’s lawsuit arose from a slip-and-fall sustained by plaintiff Sharon Therrian when she attempted to board a Bi-State bus on October 10, 2011 near the intersection of South Grand Boulevard and Magnolia in the City of St. Louis. Plaintiff alleged damages for personal injuries as a
result of stepping into what she called a pothole as she specifically stepped from the curb onto the street in order to reach the Bi-State bus. Plaintiff’s Petition and evidence at trial included that she was waiting on the west side of South Grand when a Bi-State bus pulled up to the stop, failed to pull up to the curb, and stopped several feet from the curb. Plaintiff claimed that as a result, she was required to step into the street to board the bus, and in doing so, she stepped into a 10”x10”x2” dirt and debris-filled pothole located in the street immediately adjacent to the street. (more…)

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