Pitzer Snodgrass, P.C. Trial Cases Won

Attorneys Dean Nichols and Jim Ribaudo Successfully Affirm Decision in Favor of the Existence of an Easement

PS Partner: Dean Nichols PS Associate: Jim Ribaudo We Represented: Ernest Rosener, Jr. Venue:  Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern District Facts: Judgment of the trial court finding in favor of the existence of an easement for our client on [...]

Summary Judgment Granted for Construction Contract Defense in St. Clair County

PS Partner:  Dean Nichols PS Associate:  Chris Enger We Represented:   Red-E-Mix, LLC (Buzzi Unicem USA, Inc.) Venue:  St. Clair County, IL Facts: Our client, Red-E-Mix, was added to this case as a third-party defendant to an underlying [...]

Michael Hamlin and Ryan Niehaus Obtain Dismissal for Third-Party Administrator

PS Partner:  Michael Hamlin PS Associate:  Ryan Niehaus Facts: Principal Michael Hamlin and Associate Ryan Niehaus obtained an order granting a Motion to Dismiss based upon lack of justiciable controversy.  Plaintiff filed a class action lawsu [...]

Michael Hamlin Obtains Dismissal for Lack of Personal Jurisdiction

PS Partner:  Michael Hamlin Facts: Principal Michael Hamlin obtained an order granting a Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Personal Jurisdiction.  Plaintiff claimed to have suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of striking his head multiple [...]

Peter Dunne and Michael Langella Successfully Defend Against Civil Rights Violation Claim

PS Partner: Peter J. Dunne PS Associate: Michael A. Langella We represented: Travelers Insurance Company  Venue: United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri Facts: Type of action: 42 U.S.C. § 1983 - Failure to Int [...]

Gary Snodgrass, William Thomas, and Nick Meriage Obtain Total Exoneration Verdict for Geotechnical Engineering Company Professional Liability Negligence Claim

PS Partners: Gary Snodgrass, William Thomas PS Associate:  Nick Meriage We represented: Tech Services to Go, Inc., d/b/a Tsi Engineering, Inc. Venue: St. Louis County Circuit Court Facts: Negligence claim. Design-build contractor Ch [...]

Pitzer Snodgrass P.C. Successfully Defends Premises Liability Claim

  We represented: State Auto Insurance Companies - Morgan, LLC insured Venue: Circuit Court of Jackson County, Illinois Facts: Plaintiff tripped and fell on a sidewalk on her way into work at an office building in Murphysboro.  Alleged [...]

Release, Waiver, and Assumption of Risk for Cycling Incident – Summary Judgment Affirmed

Pitzer Snodgrass Lawyers: Peter Dunne and Bob Plunkert Our Client: City of Chesterfield, Missouri Venue: St. Louis County Circuit Court, appeal to Missouri Court of Appeals for the Eastern District Plaintiff Steven Glazer filed a personal injury [...]

Jerry Simon, Derek Ruzicka and Robert Stephens Obtain Dismissal Without Prejudice in Asbestos Personal Injury Claim

PS Partners: Jerry Simon and Derek Ruzicka PS Associate:  Robert Stephens We represented: St. Joe Company  Venue: St. Louis City Circuit Court Facts: Plaintiffs Jerry & Cheryl Cozart filed a personal injury and product liability ca [...]

Don O’Keefe Successfully Reduces Plaintiff Award in Personal Injury Claim

PS Partner: Don O'Keefe We represented: Safeco Insurance Company (for Michael Halley)  Venue:  Circuit Court of St. Louis County, Missouri Facts: Jamie Hathaway and his wife, who was a passenger, sued Michael Halley over a February 8, 201 [...]

Phillip Bryant Obtains Favorable Verdict in Product Liability Claim

PS Partner: Phillip Bryant We represented: Robert Bosch Tool Corporation  Venue: U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Missouri Facts: Mary Wood purchased a Skil model 3305 table saw for her husband, plaintiff Donald Wood, in November 200 [...]

Phillip Bryant Obtains Motion for Summary Judgement in Property Insurance Claim Case

PS Partner: J. Phillip Bryant We represented: Mount Vernon Fire Insurance Company  Venue: U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Missouri Facts: SJP Properties, Inc. is in the business of buying and selling foreclosed properties. On Jul [...]

Don O’Keefe Wins Arbitration in a Product Liability Claim

PS Partner: Donald O'Keefe We represented: Winco Window Inc. Mediator: Timothy R. Thornton, U.S. Arbitration and Mediation Facts: APG International hired Winco to supply 1600 pre-fabricated windows for a New Brunswick redevelopment effort known as [...]

Dean Nichols Obtains Favorable Verdict in Amount of Pre-Trial Offer for Premises Liability Claim

PS Partner: Dean Nichols We represented: Chesterfield Mall, LLC, ERMC II LLC, and ERMC III Property Management Co.  Venue: St. Louis County, MO Facts: On April 1, 2010, plaintiff was working as a UPS delivery driver delivering packages to [...]

Phillip Bryant and Anthony Hafner Obtain Motion for Summary Judgement in Battery and Assault Case

PS Partner: J. Phillip Bryant PS Associate:  Anthony Hafner We represented: Lititz Mutual Insurance Company  Venue: Circuit Court of St. Louis County, Missouri, Division 20 Facts: Plaintiff alleged that, without provocation, defendants [...]

Peter Dunne Receives Defendant Verdict on Civil Rights Claim

PS Partner: Peter Dunne We represented: City of Ferguson and Police Officer Defendants  Venue: United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri Facts: Henry Davis, plaintiff, alleged he was the victim of excessive force an [...]

Phillip Bryant Awarded Defendant Verdict in Personal Injury Case

PS Partner: Phillip Bryant We represented: Jon Mueller  Venue: Circuit Court of St. Louis County, Missouri, Division 5 Facts: Plaintiff Troy Manzella, then age 18, and defendant Jon Mueller, then age 19, played indoor soccer on opposing t [...]

Seth Gausnell Receives Defendants Verdict for Premises Liability Claim

PS Partner:  Seth Gausnell We represented: Shelter Mutual Insurance Company/Insured:  Daniel and Mary Hastey  Venue: St. Louis County Facts: Plaintiff Maureen Damti alleged to have slipped on stepping stones in defendants' backyard suffer [...]

Phillip Bryant Successfully Reduces Plaintiff Award in Personal Injury Claim

PS Partner: Phillip Bryant We represented: Virginia Evans  Venue: Circuit Court of the City of St. Louis, Division 19 Facts: Defendant Virginia Evans (insured by Safeco Insurance) stopped her car behind that of plaintiff Tana Houston at a [...]

Defendants Verdict for Bi-State Development Agency

PS Partner: Don O’Keefe We represented: Bi-State Development Agency, d/b/a Metro Venue: St. Louis City Circuit Court Facts: Plaintiff’s lawsuit arose from a slip-and-fall sustained by plaintiff Sharon Therrian when she attempted to boar [...]

Defendants Verdict in American Puzzle Company, LLC v. Walter Wurdack, Inc.

PS Partner: Dean C. Nichols We represented: Walter Wurdack, Inc. Venue: St. Louis City Facts: This case involved a plaintiff puzzle company who had obtained sanding sealer from the defendant for years.  Plaintiff manufactured unique layere [...]

Dean C. Nichols receives Defendants Verdict for Medical Malpractice Claim

PS Partner: Dean C. Nichols We represented: Michael Horwitz DPM and Feet For Life Centers  Venue: St. Louis County Facts: Plaintiff had bunions on both feet and came to Dr. Horwitz for treatment. Plaintiff claimed she did not have hammert [...]

Motion to Dismiss granted to Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission

PS Partners/Associate: J. Phillip Bryant, Partner and Aahren Rodriguez DePalma, Associate We represented: Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission (MHTC) Venue: Circuit Court of the City of St. Louis, Missouri Facts: Personal injury [...]

Verdict for Defendant Safeco Insurance Company of Illinois

PS Partners/Associate: Gary E. Snodgrass, Partner and Deanna J. Brady, Associate We represented: Safeco Insurance Company of Illinois Venue: Missouri – Howell County Circuit Court Facts: Plaintiff Karen Burkett was a passenger in a vehicl [...]

Gary Snodgrass Gets Defendants Verdict in Personal Injury Claim

Schwarz v. Maguire PS Partners/Associate: Gary E. Snodgrass, Partner and Deanna J. Brady, Associate We represented: Marilyn Maguire Venue: St. Louis City Circuit Court Facts: Plaintiff Paul Schwarz was stopped on his 2004 Harley-Davidson [...]

Gary Snodgrass wins Defense Verdict for Construction Premises Claim

Jack Reynolds v. Tony Prince Company, Inc., d/b/a Tony Prince Flooring PS Partner who tried case: Gary E. Snodgrass, Partner and Derek Ruzicka, associate We represented: Tony Prince Company Inc., d/b/a Tony Prince Flooring Venue: St. Louis C [...]

Josh Breithaupt obtains a Defense Verdict in a Transportation Personal Injury Claim

Gloria Ramirez and Jose Luis Rodriguez v. Lance Kaden PS Associate who tried case: Josh C. Breithaupt We represented: Defendant Lance Kaden Venue: The City of St. Louis, Missouri Facts:  Plaintiff Gloria Ramirez alleged various personal in [...]

Dean Nichols with a Defense Verdict in Healthcare Medical Claim

Charles Alper v. Gentiva Health Services PS Partner who tried case: Dean C. Nichols We represented: Gentiva Health Services Venue: St. Louis County, Missouri Facts:  Plaintiff underwent a bypass surgery with grafts and was discharged from [...]

Peter Dunne: Holland v. City of Gerald, et al.

Holland v. City of Gerald, et al. PS Partner/Associate who tried case: Peter J. Dunne and Peter M. Rohrich We represented: Missouri Public Entity Risk Management Venue: United States District Court, Eastern District of Missouri Facts:  Th [...]

Phillip Bryant Represents Robert Julian v. Betty Lester v. Richard Clark

PS Partner who tried case:  J. Phillip Bryant We represented: Safeco Insurance Company of America Venue: City of St. Louis Facts:   Defendant Betty Lester collided with the side of the vehicle in which plaintiff was a passenger allegedly ca [...]

Defense Verdict for Charter Communications vs. Marvin and Cassandra Hitchye

Marvin and Cassandra Hitchye v. Charter Communications, Inc. with Intervener Department of Veteran Affairs Partner who tried case: William Thomas/Katrina Smeltzer We represented: Charter Communications, Inc. Venue: Circuit Court of St. Charle [...]

Directed Verdict for the Defendants in Civil Rights Case

Peter Dunne Jessica Liss Directed Verdict for Defendants Kenneth Charron v. Correctional Medical Services et al. Partner who tried case: Peter J. Dunne/Jessica L. Liss We represented: Dr. Marcos Nalagan and Dr. Charles Chastain Venue: USDC EDM [...]

Defendant Verdict in Medical Malpractice Claim

Penny Keller v. James J. Dalla Riva, M.D. and Thomas Hulsen M.D. Pitzer Snodgrass Partner who tried case: Michael J. Pitzer We represented: Thomas Hulsen, M.D. Venue: Madison County, Illinois Circuit Court Facts:  Plaintiff's small intes [...]

Defense Verdict for Transportation Personal Injury Claim

Donald Eye II v. Suhor Industries, Inc. Partner who tried case: Dean C. Nichols We represented: Chubb, Suhor Industries, Inc. Venue: Washington County, MO Facts:Defendant’s driver was setting up for a funeral with his vault truck loaded w [...]

Defense Verdict in Medical Malpractice Wrongful Death Case

Hickman v. Chavez, et al. Partner who tried case: Michael J. Pitzer We represented: Defendant one, an internist and Defendant two, a pulmonologist/critical care physician Venue: St. Clair County Illinois Circuit Court Facts: This was a wro [...]

Defendants Verdict in Trucking Related Personal Injury Claim

Casey Hinton vs. TransAm Trucking, Inc. Partner who tried case: J. Phillip Bryant We represented: TransAm Trucking, Inc. Venue: Circuit Court of Madison County, Illinois Facts:  TransAm driver rear ended another tractor-trailer on I-55 th [...]

Defendant Verdict for Missouri Botanical Garden for Premises Liability Claim

Kristie Holden V. Missouri Botanical Garden Michael Pitzer Partner who tried case: Michael J. Pitzer We represented: Missouri Botanical Garden Venue: Circuit Court of the City of St. Louis Facts: On June 6, 2006, plaintiff Kristie Holden [...]

Plaintiff Verdict Obtained for Safety National Casualty Corporation

Chris Lang, Safety National Casualty Corporation v. Austin Resolutions, Inc. Partner who tried case: Christopher J. Lang We represented: Safety National Casualty Corporation Venue: United States District Court, Eastern District of Missouri [...]