Defense Verdict for Charter Communications vs. Marvin and Cassandra Hitchye

Marvin and Cassandra Hitchye v. Charter Communications, Inc. with Intervener Department of Veteran Affairs

Partner who tried case: William Thomas/Katrina Smeltzer

We represented: Charter Communications, Inc.

Venue: Circuit Court of St. Charles County

Facts:Plaintiff Marvin Hitchye alleged he fell due to a cable when he was walking backwards carrying a 60-65 pound speaker out of an exterior door of his residence. Plaintiff Marvin Hitchye alleged Charter Communications, Inc. was responsible for the placement of the cable, and that he sustained serious and permanent injury to his shoulders, neck, and lower back as a result of the fall. Plaintiff Cassandra Hitchye sought loss of consortium. Charter Communications, Inc. disputed it was responsible for the placement of the cable at the time of the alleged fall. Charter Communications, Inc. also disputed the causation and extent of plaintiff Marvin Hitchye’s alleged injuries. The jury returned a verdict finding Plaintiff Marvin Hitchye 100% at fault.

Last Demand: $100,000 plus full payment of medical bills to the Department of Veterans Affairs totaling approximately $65,000-$75,000.

Last Offer: $50,000 with payment to the Department of Veterans Affairs to be determined at a later time.

Verdict:  Defense Verdict

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