Defense Verdict for Transportation Personal Injury Claim

Donald Eye II v. Suhor Industries, Inc.

Partner who tried case: Dean C. Nichols

We represented: Chubb, Suhor Industries, Inc.

Venue: Washington County, MO

Facts:Defendant’s driver was setting up for a funeral with his vault truck loaded with equipment weighing a little over 10,000 pounds at White Oak Grove cemetery. As part of his job, he parked the vault truck on a sloped paved pathway in the cemetery. Plaintiff, a gravedigger, pulled up approximately 50-60 feet downhill behind the vault truck.  After the vault truck was parked, it then began to roll down the hill towards plaintiff’s vehicle and the rear of the vault truck struck the front of plaintiff’s vehicle. Plaintiff claimed injuries to his neck and back and claimed medical bills over $22,000. The defendant denied it was liable and denied plaintiff was injured. Plaintiff’s counsel requested plaintiff be awarded $90,000 in his closing argument.

Last Demand:              $75,000

Last Offer:                   $20,000

Verdict:                        Defense Verdict

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