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Peter Dunne: Holland v. City of Gerald, et al.

Holland v. City of Gerald, et al.

PS Partner/Associate who tried case: Peter J. Dunne and Peter M. Rohrich

We represented: Missouri Public Entity Risk Management

Venue: United States District Court, Eastern District of Missouri

Facts:  The plaintiffs were all citizens of the City of Gerald MO who sued an imposter who posed as a Federal Drug Agent and the Chief of Police, Assistant Chief and a Police Officer who allegedly engaged in a conspiracy to falsely arrest and illegally search and detain innocent citizens.

Peter J. Dunne and Peter Rohrich defended the former City of Gerald Chief of Police, the Assistant Chief and a Police Officer against the claims of 29 plaintiffs who alleged their civil rights against illegal searches, false arrests and improper interrogation were violated when a fraudulent Federal Agent led the Gerald Police on drug raids against a number of individuals and searched a number of homes. The plaintiffs sought millions of dollars in damages apiece. Seven plaintiffs’ claims were dismissed during trial. Verdicts for the defense were returned on the claims of 13 of 22 claims submitted. Of the nine plaintiff’s verdicts returned, seven were for $1 actual and $1000 punitive damages. One plaintiff’s verdict was for $300 actual and $1000 punitive damages, and one plaintiff received a verdict of $1 actual and $2000 punitive damages.

Last Demand: Over $1,000,000

Last Offer: $250,000