Trucking Law Defense Attorney

Transportation law governs the activities of trucking: motor carriers, shippers and all those involved in the transportation of goods and products from one location to another.  Typically, these matters deal with issues such as truck accidents, driver qualifications, hours of service violations and other motor carrier regulations, as well as cargo loss and regulatory claims.

Pitzer Snodgrass offers a wealth of experience in dealing with issues facing motor carriers and has a strong record of success.  We have extensive experience with the industry’s rules and regulations and how they can best be applied under a given set of circumstances.

We represent trucking companies, their drivers, and their insurers.  Our clients are concerned about safety and work diligently to prevent accidents.  But when accidents happen, our Transportation Group directs and monitors accident investigations, driver interviews, evidence preservation, document retention, media inquiries and expert retention.  A quick and thorough response can maintain evidence critical to the defense.  As trial lawyers, each step we take is focused on the end presentation to a jury.

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