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Directed Verdict for the Defendants in Civil Rights Case

Peter Dunne Jessica Liss Directed Verdict for Defendants Kenneth Charron v. Correctional Medical Services et al.

Partner who tried case: Peter J. Dunne/Jessica L. Liss

We represented: Dr. Marcos Nalagan and Dr. Charles Chastain


Facts:RPS successfully defended two physicians in a claim for civil rights violations arising from their treatment of plaintiff, a DOC inmate. The Court directed a verdict in favor of the defendant physicians following the cross examination of the plaintiff and the close of the plaintiff’s evidence.

Last Demand: None

Last Offer: None


Verdict:  Directed Verdict for Defendants

Defendant Verdict in Medical Malpractice Claim

Penny Keller v. James J. Dalla Riva, M.D. and Thomas Hulsen M.D.

Pitzer Snodgrass Partner who tried case: Michael J. Pitzer

We represented: Thomas Hulsen, M.D.

Venue: Madison County, Illinois Circuit Court

Facts:  Plaintiff’s small intestine was perforated during laparoscopic surgery by co-defendant. Dr. Hulsen was charged with failing to diagnose the perforation in a timely manner although he did so within 24 hours.

We were successful in proving that Dr. Hulsen’s care did not cause plaintiff any more injury than the original perforation. Plaintiff’s experts were not able to prove causation and the court agreed when it sustained a Motion for Directed Verdict at the close of plaintiff’s evidence. This was a rare directed verdict in Madison County, Illinois.

Last Demand: $0

Last Offer: $0

Verdict:  Directed Verdict in favor of Dr. Hulsen

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