Appellate Defense Attorney

At Pitzer Snodgrass our experienced appellate practitioners possess diverse backgrounds but share a common interest in our clients’ success.  Our team of appellate lawyers possess the knowledge and familiarity with the complex practice and procedural rules applicable at the state and federal court levels that allows us to provide service to our clients that is second to none.

The courtroom and trial experience of the lawyers in our appellate practice sets us apart from other firms and is just one of the keys to our success.  Pitzer Snodgrass has extensive experience in all aspects of appellate practice including preservation of important issues for appeal, legal research, persuasive brief writing, oral arguments and extraordinary remedies such as writs before the appropriate tribunal.  Whether you are seeking to overturn an unjust ruling or protect your victory, Pitzer Snodgrass has a dedicated team of appellate lawyers who stand ready to serve your needs.

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  • Sarah Boyce

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  • Robyn Fox, Principal at Pitzer Snodgrass, P.C.

    Robyn Fox

    Of Counsel
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