State, Local & Municipal Law Defense Attorneys

Our firm has a wealth of experience in the representation of public clients such as municipalities, counties, school districts, agencies and administrations, as well as in representing private sector organizations and businesses who interact with them. Our primary focus is to provide legal counsel to clients regarding the interpretation, compliance or enforcement of regulations, laws, ordinances and other forms of governance. We also provide counsel and representation in the area of public finance representation as well.

Our attorneys have experience with a wide variety of both public and private sector issues and are equally at home either in the boardroom or the courtroom. We provide a broad range of transactional, regulatory and litigation services and represent clients involved in compliance issues, hearings, investigations, and other actions involving a number of public, legislative and executive agencies at the local, state and federal levels.

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  • Peter Dunne, Principal at Pitzer Snodgrass, P.C.

    Peter Dunne

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Local Fire Protection District Prevails on Summary Judgment

The Monarch Fire Protection District (“The District”), and two members of its Board of Directors (“Directors”), recently prevailed on a Motion for Summary Judgment prepared and filed by Pitzer Snodgrass. District Court Judge Rodney W.  Sippel, is [...]


Peter Dunne Receives Defendant Verdict on Civil Rights Claim

PS Partner: Peter Dunne We represented: City of Ferguson and Police Officer Defendants  Venue: United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri Facts: Henry Davis, plaintiff, alleged he was the victim of excessive force an [...]

Peter Dunne: Holland v. City of Gerald, et al.

Holland v. City of Gerald, et al. PS Partner/Associate who tried case: Peter J. Dunne and Peter M. Rohrich We represented: Missouri Public Entity Risk Management Venue: United States District Court, Eastern District of Missouri Facts:  Th [...]