Retail Law

Meeting the legal needs of modern day retailers calls for lawyers with experience above and beyond traditional retail issues. The retail industry can be volatile, changing and unpredictable with upticks and downturns that swing with the economy, the effects of labor, merchandise, real estate and a host of other issues. The industry is populated with many large corporate entities, governing factions and regulating agencies that increasingly affect the retail bottom line. Those conditions, along with the normal legal requirements of any business, have increased retailers’ need for highly-skilled and innovative lawyers to represent their interests.

Our Retail practice is made up of just such lawyers and our group has a great deal of experience handling matters for retailers such as: corporate governance, environmental and land-use issues, employment issues, taxation, regulations, real estate acquisitions and much more. Our clear understanding of the retail industry’s legal and business needs has resulted in our established reputation for excellence in providing legal services to retailers.

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  • Phillip Bryant, Manging Partner at Pitzer Snodgrass, P.C.

    Phillip Bryant

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