Construction Law Defense Attorneys

At Pitzer Snodgrass our lawyers not only have intimate knowledge of the complex legal issues involved in construction-related claims, but also have practical knowledge of the construction industry. Our experienced team of lawyers understand every aspect of the construction industry from planning and design through construction and project completion.

Pitzer Snodgrass has prosecuted and defended cases dealing with design and construction defects, claims for extras, defective specifications, mechanics liens, delay and impact damages, differing site conditions, and related disputes arising during contract administration. Our lawyers are involved in drafting, analyzing and implementation of construction contracts for owners, general contractors, sub-contractors and design professionals, and have taken an active role in all stages of construction-related claims and disputes.

Pitzer Snodgrass is recognized as a leading law firm in construction law. Our lawyers are frequent lecturers at seminars and have published multiple articles on construction related topics. Our knowledge of the industry and the complex legal issues involved in construction law gives our clients an advantage over the competition that is unsurpassed.

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  • Seth Gausnell, Principal at Pitzer Snodgrass, P.C.

    Seth Gausnell

    Tel: 314.335.1320
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  • Chris Lang, Principal at Pitzer Snodgrass, P.C.

    Christopher Lang

    Tel: 314.335.1334
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  • Don O'Keefe, Principal at Pitzer Snodgrass, P.C.

    Don O’Keefe

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  • Derek Ruzicka, Associate at Pitzer Snodgrass, P.C.

    Derek Ruzicka

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  • Jerry Simon, Principal at Pitzer Snodgrass, P.C.

    Jerry Simon

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  • Gary Snodgrass, Principal at Pitzer Snodgrass, P.C.

    Gary Snodgrass

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  • Bill Thomas – Civil Defense Attorney, Pitzer Snodgrass, P.C.

    Bill Thomas

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  • Phillip Bryant, Manging Partner at Pitzer Snodgrass, P.C.

    Phillip Bryant

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  • Josh Breithaupt, Principal at Pitzer Snodgrass, P.C.

    Josh Breithaupt

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Illinois Amends Construction Statute of Repose To Exclude Asbestos Claims, But Amendment Not Retroactive In Certain Cases

Amendment Excludes Asbestos Claims In December, 2014, former Governor Pat Quinn signed Public Act 98-1131, § 5, into law, adding Subsection (f) to Illinois’ Construction Statute of Repose (735 ILCS 5/13-214) to exclude claims based on personal injur [...]

Contractual Provisions Minimizing Exposure/Losses in Missouri and Illinois

Parties entering into commercial contracts in Missouri and Illinois have available to them a number of risk limiting and shifting devices. However, in order to be enforceable, they must be drafted with care. Courts are often reluctant to allow an unconsci [...]

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On June 16, 1887, 150 years ago, Mr. Frank Primrose walked into the Philadelphia Western Union office with an encoded message for his agent dispatched to Ellis, Kansas to purchase wool. The message was sent, but no reply message was asked for, or paid for [...]


Lawyers Recognized By Defense Research Institute (DRI) for Trial Win

DRI members Gary Snodgrass and William Thomas recently won a case filed by a power industry developer against their client, a geotechnical engineer, in St. Louis County, Missouri. Although they asked the jury for over $1.2 million, the jury returned a ve [...]


Summary Judgment Granted for Construction Contract Defense in St. Clair County

PS Partner:  Dean Nichols PS Associate:  Chris Enger We Represented:   Red-E-Mix, LLC (Buzzi Unicem USA, Inc.) Venue:  St. Clair County, IL Facts: Our client, Red-E-Mix, was added to this case as a third-party defendant to an underlying [...]

Gary Snodgrass, William Thomas, and Nick Meriage Obtain Total Exoneration Verdict for Geotechnical Engineering Company Professional Liability Negligence Claim

PS Partners: Gary Snodgrass, William Thomas PS Associate:  Nick Meriage We represented: Tech Services to Go, Inc., d/b/a Tsi Engineering, Inc. Venue: St. Louis County Circuit Court Facts: Negligence claim. Design-build contractor Ch [...]

Gary Snodgrass wins Defense Verdict for Construction Premises Claim

Jack Reynolds v. Tony Prince Company, Inc., d/b/a Tony Prince Flooring PS Partner who tried case: Gary E. Snodgrass, Partner and Derek Ruzicka, associate We represented: Tony Prince Company Inc., d/b/a Tony Prince Flooring Venue: St. Louis C [...]