Product Recall and Liability Defense Attorney

Our experience in the area of product liability has been developed over a number of years representing manufacturers of diverse products.  We represent clients who have made child car seats to giant steel casting machines, auto hauling tractor trailers to gas regulators, calendars made in Germanyto window blinds made in China, large cranes to small recreational vehicles and more.  We have worked through foreign language barriers to communicate with our clients. We can count many major U.S. companies as past and present clients.  We have also demonstrated expertise in managing national product liability defense programs and coordinating litigation across the country where multiple claims arise out of the same product design.  We are also familiar with recall campaigns and the defense of products that have been recalled.

We take great pride in working closely with in-house counsel. We are sensitive to all aspects of corporate litigation, including protecting the brand and the budget.  Litigation management is something we understand.  Integrating the best of the in-house engineering staff with our litigation savvy experts is a key ingredient to our defensive approach.

Our product liability group has over 100 combined years of litigation experience.  We can work with you to solve that difficult case or the exposure that threatens to repeat itself over state boundaries and multiple suits.  We have a resume of cases actually tried to verdict which demonstrates our confidence in the positions that we take. We welcome the opportunity to defend your product with a cost effective approach.

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