Information Technology Defense Lawyers

Information Technology is a relatively new set of legal enactments currently in existence in various countries and jurisdictions, which govern the process and dissemination of digital information and assets. These laws cover a broad range of issues relating to computers, software, the internet, intellectual property, digital information, security, privacy and electronic commerce and much, much more. These laws, described as “paper laws” for “paperless environment” are relatively new and many are untested in regard to certain situations and conditions.

Our lawyers stay abreast of these issues and have experience litigating a variety of matters involving information technology, including issues regarding the ownership, development, sale, and installation of software, hardware and databases, as well as various platforms. The firm also has experience negotiating and enforcing intellectual property rights for digital media as well as negotiating contracts, developing strategy and more.

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Social Media and Electronic Devices in the Courtroom – A Clash of New and Old

Virtually everyone has an iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, or some other electronic device. Most, if not all, of these devices have the capability to snap photographs, upload messages, create a blog, and post a multitude of items on the World Wide Web.  Whether [...]