Mediation Service Attorneys - Pitzer Snodgrass, P.C.

Mediations are an integral part of the litigation practice.  State and Federal Courts now require that all parties to civil disputes meet and choose appropriate ADR processes.  As problem solvers, the lawyers of Pitzer Snodgrass counsel clients to utilize ADR and mediation when it is to their advantage to manage and resolve smaller disputes, and to litigate with firm resolve the most difficult and intractable cases.

As the demand for experienced and successful mediators is rapidly growing, Pitzer Snodgrass not only have decades of experience representing clients and resolving disputes at mediations, we have among us court approved and certified mediators in the firm to provide mediation services to attorneys and clients who need effective  and efficient resolution of disputes.  From early neutral evaluation, to mediation and arbitration, both Peter J. Dunne and Gary E. Snodgrass have the experience and proven track record of success to assist you in resolving your challenging litigation matters effectively.

To inquire regarding the availability of Mr. Snodgrass for your ADR needs, contact USA&M at 314-231-4642.

To inquire regarding the availability of Mr. Dunne for your ADR needs, contact him at 314-421-5545.

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  • Gary Snodgrass, Principal at Pitzer Snodgrass, P.C.

    Gary Snodgrass

    Tel: 314.335.1359
    Fax: 314.335.1359
  • Peter Dunne, Principal at Pitzer Snodgrass, P.C.

    Peter Dunne

    Tel: 314.335.1318
    Fax: 314.335.1318